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The Delimma of American Jazz Music


  • For a long while, European audiences have bestowed celebrity status upon American musicians.
  • These expatriates are lauded in multimedia as European aristocracy, a virtual Jazznocracy. "There kingdom is jazz. . ."
  • The King, vocalise
  • In America, Rep. John Conyer's, MI et al , have 
    Meanwhile, in America, Rep. John Conyers, Jr., MI and other commited jazz enthusiasts have promulated HR 57. 
    This resolution designated this genre". . . a rare and valuable national treasure.". . . Down
    Matthew 13:57  "A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own country, and among his own people." 
  • Presently, there is enthusiasm and reverance about the land:Old and new professional musians are engaged in musical outreach programs i.e., Dr. Billy Taylor, Dorothy Donnegan, John Hicks, the Marsalis family, Charlie Hayden, Lincoln and Carniege Programs,
  • Wynton Marsalis winning the  1997 Pulitzer Prize for Jazz Music has enhanced national awareness of the genre; erasing its infamous bawdy and booze stereotyping.
  • The movies, radio, and television, especially in advertisements, the Internet collectively have tweaked and enhanced our musical awareness.
  • Remember Charley Brown's "Christmas Time Is Here,'' background music composed by Vincent Guraldi, has become a jazz standard.
    Chicago has the blues (Thanks to Al Capone). 

    Memphis has soul (Thanks to W.C. Handy). 
    Seattle has 'rock and roll' (Hey, you gotta' clear the fog). 
    Nashville is doing its thing i.e., line dancing, slappin' somethin' silly.
    Jazz Is Groovin. High!