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The Count Basie Orchestra Grover Mitchell, Conductor 1999 Jazz Ensemble Winner Count Plays Duke
Kenny Hing, ts, John Williams, bs
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MISSION STATEMENT: I, Jasbo, am a jazzoholic. A big band fan, and definetly, a Count Basie Band fan.Homepage: Dedicated to the notion that good music is like vintage wine. There's never enough of it. And this music is vintage, too. Who's Sorry Now?

"The decisive test of truth in any artist can be gaughed in one simple question: does he belong somewhere or does he not... To be "stuck" in the '50s is to be
stuck in a kind of Nirvana when the big
jazz band was the musical language of the land...Basie Band today is... a treasury of the music produced...over six decades." Album notes Count Plays Duke
Bob Ojeda , Mike Williams
Visit The Kansas City, MO JazzMuseum! CCount Basie Orchestra
Butch Miles, Grover Mitchell
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In Memoriam :     Joe Williams 1918--1999
Duke Blue Devils re: KC Blue Devil || Kan. Ste U. Count Basie 

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Robert Ojeda, Mike Williams
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Playing Ellington's " Star  Crossed Lovers

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