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The Count Basie Orchestra:     Joe Williams 1919 -- 1999 The Legacy

Jazz is an American invention of the 20th Century. Its sound is the "modern art" of music. in his 80 year life span, Basie so expanded and elevated the art form that his legacy is regardes as "an American institution" by modern music's connoisseurs around the world.

The Count Basie Orchestra of today is nineteen performers committed to uphlding an dadvancing this "American Institution." Some membes are new, yet the majority of the sound still swings from musicians hand-picked by Count Basie himself. They are in deman dfor televsion and films, have won everyt respected jazz poll in the world at least once, and continue to rack-up awards and special recognitions.

The Count Basie Orchestra is the All-American big band. They are still swing anbd still growing. They are timeless, priceless, and still the genuine article.

I Remember Clifford                                    in memoriam  Count Basie & Joe Williams

The warmth of his sound of his sound ___
Lingers so long. I'm sure heis still around
So those who hear they respect him yet ___ so those who heard won't forget.

The sound of each phase___ Echoes the time un-countable by days.
The things he played or with us now______ Oh Yes, remembe Clifford___

I seem to always feel him near somehow___ Everytime I hear his lovely tone_____
In every trumpet sound that has a beauty all its own.

So how, can we say someone so real has really gone away_____
I hear him now____And always will____Believe me I remember Clifford
I know he'll never be forgotton___he was a king uncrowned.

I know I'll always remember Clifford Brown!