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Co. D 8th Regt. USCT Heavy Artillery
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  • History of Kentucky's United States Colored Troops
  • Kentucky's United States Colored Heavy Artillery Regiment
  • Kentucky's United States Colored Calvary Regiment 
  • Kentucky's United State's Colored Infantry Regiment
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    Officially 23, 703 Kentucky Africans responded to the call to arms by President Lincoln
    and Frederick Douglass to join the ranks of the newly organized United States Colored Troops.

    Thomas Speed, a Union Officer and Kentuckian, describes in a letter to his wife, written
    February 25, 1865 about the fighting ability of the Kentucky African Americans during the 
    assault on Fort Fisher, North Carolina:
    There is a division of Negro troops here -- a great many of them from Kentucky. You must 
    not turn your nose when I say they fight splendidly. I saw them tried yesterday. And out
    regiment saw it and they all acknowledge that we have to give it up'...[these men] will fight.

    This site is dedicated to the memory of the 230,000 soldiers and 30,000 sailors 
    who dared to dream -- I wonder how it feels to be free! They fought the good fight:
    The survivors kept the faith and kept hope alive. Now, one hundred thirty-seven years and  five generations later: We are family; proud to be the descendants, the Dream-keepers of our patriarch and matriarch, the Dream Team:
    Pvt. Ned Hopson b Trigg Co., KY d IL
    Naomi [Griffin] Hopson, b TN  d       KY
     Before we were even aware of our selves; they dared to care, to care about us.
    Afro-American Civil War Odyssey
    I ,Too, Sing America
    As I Grew

    Dream Makers
    Dream Deferred
    Dream Works
    Dream Keepers

    Madison, Il
    Indianapolis IN
    Venice, IL
    St. Louis, MO

    Washington, DC,
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