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For the more than 200,000 Negroes who served in the Union Army during the Civil War--Dudley Randall
In the green month when resurrected flowers, 
Like laughing children ignorant of death, 
Brighten the couch of those who wake no more, 
Love and remembrance blossom in our hearts 
For you who bore the extreme sharp pain for us, 
And bought our freedom with your lives. 
And now, 
Honoring your memory, with love we bring 
These fiery roses, white-hot cotton flowers 
And violets bluer than cool northern skies 
You dreamed of in the burning prison fields 
When liberty was only a faint north star  
Not a bright flower planted by your hands 
Reaching up hardly nourished with your blood. 
Fit gravefellows you are for Lincoln, Brown and Douglas and Toussant. . .all thosse rapt eyes 
Fashioned a new world in this wilderness. 
American earth is richer for your bones: 
Our hearts prouder for the blood we inherit. 

President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: ". . . The tide of the was sluggish in 1862, Lincoln was meditating a greaat forward step in the march for humanity: all slaves held by the rebels would be free. this act injected new spirt and purpose into the cause of the Union. The end of slavery was formally accomplished by the Thirteenth AMendment to the Constitution , adopted in 1865.1 
John Brown 
Frederick Douglas 
Toussant L'Ouverature 

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