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  Lord, do it: Lord, do it!

Lord, please do it for me. But, he heard that Jesus was coming by,
Lord, do it for me! He inched his way along. And cried:
(This is the cry ___ of your children) Jesus, lay your hand. Please,lay your hands
Lord, do it. Do it for me. on me ____ I know you can do it!
Do it for me (Thank God) ____ right now. Lord, do it!

If you get into trouble, you can say: You took two little fish and five loves of bread
Lord, do it: and fed 5000. Lord, do it for me!

Because we know you to be a way-maker You went to the graveyard on day and told
to day, If you are sick you can say: a dead man to get up, (I know you can do it.
  So here's my little problem, fix it right now)
Lord, do it, Lord, do it for me right now ________________
Lord, do it for me. Lord, do it!

Because we know that you are a doctor, You went to a wedding one night and turned
If your heart is heavy, you can say: water into wine.
Lord, do it , do it for me Lord do it for me.
Do it for me Do it for me now. And then you went one Friday and hung on Calvary
Do it for me,Please Sir, right now. and died for my sins.(I know you can do it, Master)
  If you read your bible you read the So, please? Do it for me,
story about the man that could not see. Do it it for me, right now (Repeat)

musical notes Rev. James Cleveland: Vocal