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Count Basie:  Legendary Master of Jazz

This website is part of an ongoing effort by the Duke University Music Department to preserve and restore a significant segment of America's musical heritage.  Count Basie is one of the most dearly remembered of the swing Jazz pianists, his work and his orchestra remain as vivid reminders of his life's work

This homepage is dedicated to Bill "Count" Basie's life's work.  Lists of his compositions, a brief discography including links to streaming audio files of his music, and a short biography are all contained within the pages of this homepage.  So feel free to sit back and explore the work of one of the truly legendary masters of jazz.

Discography Biography Pictures/Links
<< All materials contained in these pages have been adapted from: "Count Basie: The Complete Decca Recordings" album cover >>
<< This page last updated December 10, 1997 >>