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28 July 1864
Mustered into service of the United States, for three years or during the war, from date of enlistment, in Co "D" 8th Regiment of US. Hvy Arty Colored Volunteers, at Paducah, KY.


21 February 1866
Pvt. Ned Hopson was discharged at Victoria, Texas. Injuries suffered resulting from a powder room explosion here, greatly compromised his health; contributed to his being awarded a government pension. He had to apply twice. At his death 4 January, 1896/, his wife received this  pension until her death 21 July, 1924.


3 May 1869
Ned Hopson and Naomi Griffin
 were married at Metropolis, IL. Son Edward Hopson, first of 11 siblings was born at Unionville, Massac Co. Illinois.

Mrs. Millie Askew
Family Progenitor
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Our Family Patriarch and Matriarch


The Odyssey of an Afro-American Civil War Family

In a more perfect world, even a slave would have been allowed to retain family keep sakes, memorabilia, etc. The mentality of the New World slavery was not about that. The founding fathers designed a strategy for maximum dehumanization of their enslaved.

In searching for a story line, I used the musing of the poets, black and white, to articulate the past. Since 1619, slavery had been a way of life in the New World. The Civil War and sectional questions relating to slavery became a call for action.

"I, Too, Sing America!"

Afterall, it takes both black and white keys to 'play' our anthem; It took both black and white colors to win the war. To be sure, in the beginning, the colors of the Civil War were: all-white faces in Union blue, or Confederate gray. The rhetoric was fever pitch and fractional.
The Emancipation Proclamation introduced the color black. Black and white did battle on fields made hallowed by their bloodshed, valor, and lost of  lives. The loss of generations, young and old; slave and free, in quest of a more perfect union. "My country 'tis of thee."


   Grand -Aunt
  [  Kate Hopson


A Call to Arms