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Sign of the jazzoholic!

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Jazzology 101

Sounds like Jazz

I love jazz. You may not always love it, but always like it. Why? Because we are spiritual beings. A loving God blessed each human being with the sound of music. Granted there are bumps in the road for some. "But make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

For openers lets define several reference  terms.

ad lib: Spoken or played without preparation.
Coda: a concluding musical section.
Acappella: Without instrumental accompaniment.

Listen to Tony Bennett's "Fly Me to the Moon" check his killer acapella coda. Then, Dizzy in South America:

Tadd Dameron heard the coda and composed -- "If You Could See Me Now. it."
It's the same thing; you can't have one without the other. Whenever composing or improvising aka ad libbing, the jazz musicians alway play what they hear.

And Jazzology is about
feeling and hearing the music or
hearing then feeling; inorder to discern what's happening inside of the music.

Sound Check

Don't get hung up on the song. Listen inside for the overtones on the melody. Do you hear Sy Oliver's counter-melody which he called Opus 1? On Dizzy's "Groovin' Hi" he did the same thing.

MIDI Jazzology is about surveying and analyzing a 16 or 32 bar composition and listening!

NEXT Jazzoholics are encouraged to dig the real-gone sides;
Do the Jazz Sound Check. America's unique art- form Sound Check and all that jazz.