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Large Jazz Ensemble Grammy '99Count Basie One More Time!Make Each Note Count Like 
 Basie!KayCee Sound
Kenny Hing tenor s, John Williams baritone sax
 Count Plays Duke | 1999 KC: Connections |Contacts MIDI RA Clips  |Band Memories of Basie
Mission Statement:
 I, Jasbo, am a weboholic and jazzoholic. A big band fan; and definetly a Count Basie Band fan. This site is dedicated to the notion that good music is like vintage wine.There's never enough of it. And this band is asfine as vintage. wine!
"The decisive test of truth in any artist can be guaged in one simple question: does he belong somewhere or does
he belong somewhere or does he not? So, to say that the
Count Basie of this collection is stuck in a '50s sound,
as some may whine, is rather like accusing Michelangeo of being stuck in the Renaissance." Notes
John McDonough, Down Beat
Library of Congress Citations Lincoln Centrer Tribute  Duke U Blue Devils re:KayCee Blue Devils | Basie Band Plays Kansas State U
Count Basie 1999 Grammy Winner Large Jazz Ensemble
The MusicRing
This  Music Ring is owned by Nathaniel Crockett
Enlarged View
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     By: Jasbo
Playing  Duke Ellington's .  .  .

Play: "Flight of the Foo Birds"

"Star-Crossed Lovers"