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Jasbo is my name. Mainstream jazz is my game. I am not a musician. I am a spiritual being who loves the sound of music like jazz..
"There's going to be a place where the world can sing
  all kinds of songs. But it's going to be  difficult tune
  to learn, because we don't know the words yet.But
 There's no such thing as a music category. There's only music. And its music we're going to sing . . ."1

Consummate jazz musicians play what they hear.  A performance, recording may be  so unique  that it becomes ensconced in our music  psyche  forever i.e., Coleman Hawkin's "Body and Soul," James Moody's "Moody Mood for Love." This  site  is dedicated to their mastery of the moment,
And we, the listeners, are  so richly  endowed.

Jasbo, a legend in his own mind, identifies with  the creative - musician. He listens.  He hears what they play  especially  an original jazz compositions. The early  years of  bebop was a time of assimilation and posturing;  mainly  to  thwart  the competition. The in-crowd of selected musicians would hide
the melodic line deeply within  the  composition.


These "creative geniuses," described by Dizzy, raised the practice to an art form. "Dizzy in South America 1962" [Introduction | Selection.] Barry Harris's "How High the Moon" version; Bird Parker, the voice of the music sprayed notes in every direction over originals, standards, evergreens spreading the sound.

Then the sound of  the music changed, never to be the same. Eventually, everyone had to get with the program. Clark Terry described how  Lawrence Welk played " The Train." On  Monk  The onliest, Percy heath added that he played what he heard -- "The Merry Go Round, broke down, broke down. Then there was Trane, and even 'Hey babba rebop, Boplicity, Euphoria . . . .

But the Sound of Music is our gift from a loving God. We are encouraged to make a joyful noise.  The best things in life are free.Rompin', stompin in' and groovin' hi. Confusion music not withstanding. Like Chick Corea interjected. The musical  bridge is too narrow for all  to cross at once: Different strokes for different folks -- Where the Rainbow Ends!

E N T E R  or  B E S Q U A R E ! ]