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"Liberty for all, Chains for none," Missions of War, Feb. 13, 1854, Frederick Douglas

Generations I Wish I Knew how it Feels to be Free!

Yearning and Learning: The Impossible Dream


Young Souls

If my mind can conceive it; And my heart can believei t;T hen, I can achieve it!

First, feel, then feel, then 
      read, or read, then feel, 
Then  fall, or stand, where you  already are. 

Think  of yourself, and the other selves . . . think 
 of  your mother  and sisters, 
your bentslick  father, 

Then stand, or fall where you already are
if nothing else will move you.

Then read and look
 deeply into all 
matters  come close to you city boys -- country men

Make some muscle in your head,
But use the muscle
in yr heart.


Young Soul -- Amira Baraka