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Count Basie Web Ring
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Mission Statement


Jasbo is the name, I am a Jazzoholic. A big band fan and
definitely a Count Basie Band

Man. This site is dedicated  to the notion that music is like a good vintage wine. There's never enough of it. And like so, this music -- America's art for is too.
"The decisive test  of any truth is -does it whether

the test of time Like being stuck in a kind of '50s Nirvana when big jazz bands was the language of the land. The Basie Band today is a treasury of the music produced over six decades.
Notes:  Count Plays Duke


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Grover Mitchell Interview

Count Like Basie

grover Nathaniel Crockett aka Jasbo: Mainstream jazz fan and Count Basie Band man.A wannabe webmaster.If you build it they will come: The Count Basie FanClub/WebClub.If any of this appeals
 to you, this is the place. No hidden agenda. Just a celebration of  America's original art form Jazz.Welcome.Please sign up!

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