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H E A R  The Grooving High  MENU 
For Jazzoholics Only!
I Love Jazz!
Jasbo is the Name: Mainstream jazz is my game!

Make each note COUNT like BASIE!
Make each note Count (like) Basie: Here Hear

For MIDI Jazzoholics Only
[Jazzology 101] [Sounds Like Jazz . . . .]
D o   Y o u    W h a t  I  ?
    1.  Do You Thank God for the Sound of  Music?

    (a)  Yes

    (b) No 


    2.  Each of us is the hub of a universe;What we see and hear are really what we are.

    (a) Yes 

    (b) No


    3. Do you believe in the sounds of music like jazz - there's no such tune as  a this or that - there's only music, and it's music we are going to swing?
     Other ________________________

    4. Which statement below best describes the roots of  the American art form called jazz: 

    The Southland give birth to the blues.

    The sound was transported from the motherland.


    5. How do you keep time listening to your favorite genre of music: 

    Openly patting of  foot like Wynton Marsallis.( Uncool)


    Tapping foot inside of shoe like Miles Davis.(Cool)

    (c) None of these

    Alternately bobbing left and right ear lobe, side to side as designated by Duke Ellington.(Too Coo)!

    6.  Jelly Roll is the nick name of a

    Martin bird
    Breakfast pastry
    Jazz musician

    (d)  None of the above


    7.  Paul Whiteman, allegedly the King of  Jazz  was:


    (b) Mulatto.


    (d)None of the above.


    8.  Which of the following individuals did not influence the American art form jazz.
    (a)  Louis Armstrong
    (b)  King Oliver
    (c)  Mary Lou Williams
    (d)None of the above.

Jasbo, every man's jazzman in his own mind, doesn't know music, however, he brazenly aligns himself  with the creative musician. Musician play what they hear. Jasbo listens and hears what they play. Bill Strayhorn heard a train then created 
" The  Train,"  Duke's signature tune.. 

The jazz savvy soloist /improviser plays what he hears. Frequently interjecting musical quotations from another song to express or enhance the sound of what is being ad libed. Jasbo, a legend in his mind, opines that he , a non musician, listens and hears what they play, especially in the realm of  original  jazz compositions.

Jasbo listens for some nuance, sound, or  phrase he recognizes to unlock or  identify the original melody. Some musicians or  melodies are more easily identified.. Musician accomplished.

Dizzy Gillispie wrote the tune, "Groovin' High"  on  the chord changes of an evergreen (old tune -- Ben Bernie's  theme song). As a part of the ending he played a coda. Tad Dameron heard and liked it, composed a composition based upon it. Sarah Vaughn sang it as, "If You could See Me Now." 

"Moody's Mood for Love", a lyrical James Moody's  alto solo on   "I'm in the Mood for Love" recording was widely accepted, now it has cult status among the in-crown.

Some of the classic recording artist use of  musical quotation are: Charlie Ventura, Benny Green, Jackie and Roy Kral tour-de-force on the recording "Euphoria," the changes of "I am Forever Blowing Bubbles ." Neil Hefti raised the bar to an art form, masterfully rearranging a plethora of standard tunes for the Kid from Red Bank aka Count Basie i.e.," Whirly Bird," " Cute," etc.

Among the vocalist, both Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme, were most skilled at dropping a phrase here and there. Ella's scat chorus of on  " Oh Lady Be Good"  is a classic. Mel Torme like Dizzy Gillispie knew chords. Torme seemed to revel in the process.

So, please check-out the exercise in the next column. Like the man said  "Yo, you may already be a jazzoholic. Keeping swingin' make each note Count (like) Basie: "One more time.!" 

Jazzology 101 101

I love jazz. You may not always love it, but always like it. Why? Becasue we are spiritual beings. A loving God blessed each human being with the sound of music. Make a joyful noise. For openers lets begin with closer terms: Coda-a concluding musical selection. Acappella--without instrumental accompaniment.

Listen to Tony Bennett's "Fly Me to the Moon," wait for his killer acappella coda Then, listen Dizzy Gillispie's "Roundbout Midnight," "Groovin' High," for boss codas. Next, think of Dameron's "If You Could See Me Now."

It's the same thing, you can't have one without the other. Listen here. Creative and improvising jazz artistsd play what they play
when creating moments to remember. This site is platform for the notion that a good ear can differentiate and discover what is playing. Do you know Cherokee?" Hum it. Next, play Jimmy Lunceford's "For Dancer's Only,"  can't  you hear this counter melody to "Cherokee."

MIDI jazzology is about surveying and analyzing a 16 0r 32 bar composition to make some choices. Jasbo, every man's jazzman, is the lead man. He knows. Right.

Jazzoholics are encouraged to take a jazz survey, do the Sound Check and all that jazz. America's unique art form.


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