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African-American CiAfrcAfriCivil War Memorial
       Civil War Memorial 
ar M Washington, D.C., March 8, 1997
  Tribute: Memorial Wreath
"He went into the army as a property; he came out a man." - Antonio Holland       Forward
Black Missourians in the Civil War

             The Ned Hopson Family's Civil War Odyssey

       The Ned Hopson Family Odyssey
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Faith Portals
  view buttonTrigg CouThe Dreamer, Ned Hopson -- As I Grew Older
   " It was a long time ago.
    I have almost forgotten my dream.
    But it was there then.
    In front of me,                                                                            Forward
    Bright like a sun.
    My Dream 4
nt., KY - The DreamerbulletsApril 22, 1864, enlisted in the UST at Paduch, Ky., b   5,
Damon/ Nolita [Williams] Pollard                D. Pollard, b July 5,  Damon/ Nolita [Williams] PollardbulletFebruary 10, 1866, discharged at Victoria, TX.
view buttonBThe Dream Team, Brookport, Illinois:
Albert and Georgia Hopson, d. Beatrice
right like a sun
My Dream.
 view button The Dream Makers, Madison, Illinois: The Hopson, Crockett, and Jenkins family.
    Indianapolis, IN:  A Dream Deferred - What happens  to Dream Deferresuch a dream? You pick yourself up, and start all over.
 view button  Venice, Illinois Dream Works -- a new beginning.
 view button    St. Louis, Missouri Dream Keepers -- The joys, highs, and
                    lows provided a plateau of success.
 view button     Washington, DC Dreamsville -- The American Dream is a-
                     live and well. We are now eight generations strong, and
                     still growing
As I GForwardrew Older
"And then the wall rose
Rose slowly,
The light of my dream.
  Rose until it touched the sky."
The wall.
- - Langston Hughes
  D. Pollard, July 5, 1997
                Angelita D. Pollard b. July 5, 1997 
Damon / Nolita [Williams] Pollard
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Ned Hopson Family's Odyssey

1844-civil war monument picture usct memorial pictureusct memorialusct memorial picture-1997 
    "I,  Too, Sing America"  
  Source  - Solid Image
"I heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln     Forward
                       went down to New Orlean, and I've seen its 
muddy bosom turn all golden in the sunset
I've known rivers:
Ancient, dusky rivers.
My soul has grown deep like the rivers. 3
                went down to New Orleans, a nd Ive seen its
 .  1844--Ned Hopson, patriarchal, great-grandfather was born in Trigg Co., KY.
The Hopson Family's recorded history begins with this cryptic reference--
the 1866 UST discharge papers--"Pvt. Ned Hopson, 21 years old,
5' 11" ; dark complexion, a farmer  . . .  Victoria , TX., Fe bruary 10, 1866."
1881--  Arthur Hopson, maternal grandfather was born Jan. 10, 
in Massac Co., Il. His siblings were:
Albert and Kate Hopson: Parents--Ned Hopson / Naomi [Griffin] Hopson.
1903-- Bookport, IL Willie Beatrice Hopson was born Sept. 23,;
Parents, Arthur Hopson / Georgia  [Crawford] Hopson.
Frank, Albert, and Ella were born here.
Parents, ?/Kate [Hopson] Jenkins ?
  1906--Madison, IL The 'family' relocated here. Beatrice Hopson
enrolled in school; childhood here.  Nathan Crockett / Beatrice
                                   [Hopson] Crockett m. 1923?                      Forward
bullet1923--Indianapolis. IN  The Crocketts, her mother, and 
                                                step-father  relocated here. 
1924 Nathaniel Crockett was born, Mar 22.
                                  1925--Georgia Mae Crockett was born, Dec. 1. 
  1933--Venice, IL Beatrice [Hopson] Crockett/ Nathan Crockett divorced.
The remaining family returned here  and resided with grandparents. 
Georgia Mae and Nathaniel Crockett enrolled here.
1940 - - St. Louis, MO.The Crockett and Newsomes relocated to here.
1942 Nathn Crockett,  Sr., inducted into the army.
1943-46 Nathaniel Crockett inducted in to army.
1945 Georgia Mae [Crockett] Pollard / Langston Pollard m.
1951 Grandmother Georgia [Crawford] Lowe died in Indpl., IN>
1954 Barbara [Hearns] Crockett / Nathaniel Crockett, May 29
1956 Linda Diane Crockett b. February 17.
1961 Nathan Crockett d. June 21.
1962  Maria Anita Crockett b. May 29.
1963 Beatrice [Hopson] Butler d. May 28. bar
1952. Washington, DC Georgia [Crockett] / Langston Pollard, "Butch" relocated here. Barbara b., Lyne, Gary, and Wayne born here.
Langston Pollard d. ?
Georgia Mae Pollard d. December 1, 1971
Wayne Pollard d. ?
L. N. Pollard, Jr. / Shirley m ?
Damon Pollard b. ?

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Dudley Randall
In this greeen month when resurrected flowers,
Like laughing children ignorant of death,
Brighten the couch of those who wake no more,
Love and rememberance blossom in our hearts,
For you who bore the extreme short pang for us,                                   Forward
And bought our freedom with your lives.
                                                          And now, 
   Honoring your memory, with love we bring
These fiery roses, white-hot cotton flowers
And violets bluer than cool northern skies
You dreamed of in the burning prison fields
When liberty was only a faint north star,
Not a bright flower planted by your hands
Reaching up hardy nourished with your blood.
Fit gravefellows you are for Lincoln, Brown,
And Douglas and Toussaint . . .all whose rapt eyes
Fashioned a new world in this wilderness.
American earth is richer for your bones:
Our hearts beat prouder for the blood we inherit.
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